Sunday, 8 April 2018

Made in Bolton

Went to see the 'Made in Bolton' exhibition at Asda created by the very talented Drummond Street Craft and Culture group. The workshops and exhibition were sponsored by Christine Baldwin the Community Champion of Bolton Asda who works with Lesley Tyrer the activities coordinator for Bolton at Home Sheltered Housing Scheme.  The group meets on Monday's 10-12.

The work was about the daily lives of Mill Workers in Bolton.  We experimented with Gelli Plate printing and fabric image transfer.  The work they made was amazing.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The People's Quilt

Are you an ex machinist, keen sewer or would like to learn to sew?  We are looking for people connected to Bolton’s textile industry to be part of the creation of an exciting project charting Bolton’s past, present and future.

Starting October 3rd, 1-3pm
Elderdale Community Centre,  Yewdale Gardens Breightmet BL2 5JF
Contact Jennifer 07872342718

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Trip to Burnley and Gawthorpe

There is another sewing group in Burnley called Valley Street Textile Studio which is linked to the Gawthorpe Hall Textile Collection.  They came to visit us a couple of months ago to see what we have been doing and we had the pleasure of visiting their group on Friday.  Their mission is to carry on the work of Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth who started collecting textiles to be used as teaching aids.  

"Miss Rachel demystified textile craft, which she believed (much ahead of her time) aided wellbeing. She taught out in communities and opened up her home. Her collection was created, not through wealth, but through donations from her far reaching networks and friendships. Her value system was different from that of many others and her model of collecting (and sharing) was highly personal."

The community sewing group has been busily getting ready for an exhibition at Gawthorpe Hall.  We met them at the community centre where they meet and then had lunch in the delicious cafe.  We had a sneak peek at the upcoming exhibition, "Miss Rachel's Roses".  It was a wonderful day out.  We'd like to say "thanks" for inviting us.  We were all inspired by your amazing work.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Campbell House Reminiscene

Well done Campbell House on your Reminiscenes Holiday Postcard project.  It was a pleasure to work with you.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Project Postcard: Part One

.We are working with three Sheltered Housing units in Bolton: Highfield House, Eldon House and Drummond Street using resident's pictures and images from the internet to create a postcard about their favourite holiday or their dream vacation. Everyone is making their own fabric postcard which will be sewn together into a wall display.  

We've enjoyed reminiscing about the seaside, trips abroad, ice cream, sunbathing and other stories from the past and from not so long ago.  Blackpool has been a popular choice. Marie and Pat are creating a postcard of their dream holiday to visit Memphis, Tennessee to see Graceland.  Ian is going to Corfu and will literally be there next week.  We are also "visiting" the Lake District, Spain and Paris.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Makefest 2016

This year we did a Gelli Plate print making workshop at Makefest.  Gelli plates are made of gelatin and squidgy to the touch. The unique surface of the plate allows for a very detailed monoprint to be achieved with out a press.  We used acrylic paints and a variety of tools to create patterns.

There was a good turn out.  The children and their parents enjoyed this messy project.

The exhibition is about life on an Allotment.  Many different artists worked on this project, visiting allotments in Bolton.  There are paintings, prints, sculptures, textiles and mixed media pieces to be seen.  I'll take more pictures of the other work this week.