Sunday, 9 July 2017

Trip to Burnley and Gawthorpe

There is another sewing group in Burnley called Valley Street Textile Studio which is linked to the Gawthorpe Hall Textile Collection.  They came to visit us a couple of months ago to see what we have been doing and we had the pleasure of visiting their group on Friday.  Their mission is to carry on the work of Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth who started collecting textiles to be used as teaching aids.  

"Miss Rachel demystified textile craft, which she believed (much ahead of her time) aided wellbeing. She taught out in communities and opened up her home. Her collection was created, not through wealth, but through donations from her far reaching networks and friendships. Her value system was different from that of many others and her model of collecting (and sharing) was highly personal."

The community sewing group has been busily getting ready for an exhibition at Gawthorpe Hall.  We met them at the community centre where they meet and then had lunch in the delicious cafe.  We had a sneak peek at the upcoming exhibition, "Miss Rachel's Roses".  It was a wonderful day out.  We'd like to say "thanks" for inviting us.  We were all inspired by your amazing work.