Friday, 22 May 2015

Museum of Science and Industry MakeFest 2015

This year we will be part of #MakeFest2015 at the Museum of Science and Industry.  We will be teaching people how to do traditional English Paper Piecing and making a community quilt.  Would you like to volunteer to help out on the stall?  Just get in touch.  Here's an overview of our project.

Here's a video link for paper piecing hexagons video

Quilting circles in a virtual world. 


We’ll be promoting our new social enterprise, Breightmet Long Arm Quilting Studio, and working on a social media quilt project.  We’ll be teaching how to do English Paper Piecing (hexagons) and having people write a secret message on the underneath side of the paper which will be revealed when the quilt top is complete. The theme of this project is "comfort".  I’ve chosen this topic because quilts are comforting, something to snuggle up under when we are cold or ill or relaxing on a lazy Sunday morning. When the quilt is complete, and the paper is removed, I will tweet the positive messages daily and do regular Facebook and blog posts as the quilt progresses. People can join in the “virtual quilt-a-long” or visit our studios and work on the project with us.  I'll also use the text as my quilt design using on our long arm quilting machine.


We will be teaching visitors how to make a quilt using traditional English Paper Piecing.  Visitors can make-and-take a small sample of patchwork with them which can be finished at home and can join in our virtual quilt project. 

People have been using this technique for centuries.  It is simple and effective. All ages are welcome and no experience is required.  It’s also good fun.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Sun Printing: Experiment One

I've been wanting to try this for ages: Sun Printing.  It's pretty straight forward, you paint over your fabric and place what ever objects you want to make an outline of on top, which blocks the sun from exposing the pigment.  First, I covered some cardboard with bin bags (need a water proof surface to put your fabric on) and chose some flower cuttings to print.

Here's my diy plates... easy peasy

Here's a couple of pictures with the plants scattered on the fabric..... I also wanted to try adding some text.  I used plain copy paper but I was too thin.  I think I need something that won't soak up the paint.

In the bottom picture, I have shifted the bleeding hearts to see if it was ready...  The areas with the most details were where the plants were pressed firmly against the cloth.   I'm pleased with the results but will alter the way I use the plants in the future.  Here are some close up pictures.  The whitest areas are where the plants were flat.

Will be doing some more of these in the future, weather permitting...LOL

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Block of the Month Update

We've been busy making new blocks for our sea side quilt-a-long.  I'm planning to scan in the applique templates so you can join in.  Here are our last two blocks:

Light house

Beach Huts